redux - fully automated OpenBSD installation

From the Readme file in the attached download:

Welcome to redux, an OpenBSD automated installation framework.

redux enhances the standard OpenBSD installation procedure by
enabling the following functionality:

1. Record all choices made during an installation.
2. Enable an automated installation using recorded choices.
3. Allow interactive revision of a previously recorded
installation session.
4. Provide support for network based fully automated
installation using only tools provided by OpenBSD.

redux is ditributed as a Makefile, a set of patches to the
standard installation scripts and a small number of additional
installation scripts. Building the entire source tree is not
required as redux uses an existing ditribution as the starting
point. By default it assumes that the OpenBSD source tree is
loaded in /usr/src and that the installation CD is mounted on
/mnt (see the top of the makefile to adjust these locations).
The output of the make process is a modified installation
ramdisk which can be booted using pxeboot which has been
enhanced with additional features.

An effort has been made to minimize the changes to the default
scripts to minimize ongoing maintenance as the base system
evolves. redux has been tested on i386 and amd64 and may be
usable on other architectures.
Nick Bender,
May 12, 2011, 5:51 PM